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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Way To Perfect Healing

I am writing this with the title "The Way To Perfect Healing" rather than 'The Way To Perfect Health,' which was my first thought of a title. I realized while picking a title, we should not focus on the destination and I should not be so pompous as to say "I am teaching everybody everything that I KNOW for sure" as some sort of perceived master or something. Rather, we should focus on the beautiful process. We should not focus on the ideal, but the ideal way of being. Healing, in stead of Health. Being, going through life, how we will gently work through, instead of "BE" and end result or "goal." I am not discussing enlightenment here, or perfect wellness. I am discussing the path to peace, to wellness or perhaps the path to enlightenment. We ALL have things to work through. Let us feel joyful and in good company that we ALL have things to work on.

I am located, by the huge force of the Universe, in Okinawa, Japan. Hysterically, to me, my sister loaned me a book some many years ago, I would say oh 5-6 years ago (which I have yet to give back), entitled The Okinawa Program-HOW THE WORLD'S LONGEST-LIVED PEOPLE ACHIEVE EVERLASTING HEALTH-AND HOW YOU CAN TOO (based on the LANDMARK 25 year study). I have loved this book, taken very good care of it, picked a career based on its ideals. Ummmm, odd that I am now living here by no choice of my own, no? We are placed, us two art students my husband and I, now considered active duty military, on the remote island in the Pacific of Okinawa, Japan. Not only have I loved this book and its huge health and wellness theory, but I have for also about 6-7 years studied a form of Japanese energy healing massage therapy called Reiki. I have adored this culture and studied it for years and then I end up here, out of all the Army bases in the world and completely out of my hands. We were placed here. It was a weird station assignment for my husband's particular career. I am learning each and every day how this station and placement of little old me within the world, is really and truly kismet. More centenarians (people who live to be at least 100 years of age) live here than any other place in the world. Many think it is due to their diet alone. But when studying my Okinawa Program book, we see that yes, they have fabulous diet programs but that also it is much, much more than that. I am on this beautiful and educational journey now, with out much effort on my part, I should say! The journey to learning the life of perfect healing.

I have always been into health and wellness. I have come and gone from the healing arts throughout the last 12 years. I dove into Yoga, meditation and different holistic and naturopathic therapies here and there. But, since moving to Okinawa, I have not really tried hard to dive into the wellness realm. I have actually, surprisingly, not looked at my Okinawa Program book at all or tried to research any of that stuff here since we moved here 9 months ago. Sure, I have eaten my way through all the surrounding towns out of my love and romance with food. But the language barrier and the difficulty in learning Japanese has stalled my projected process of diving into this culture more. The culture here is literally like being on another planet. The differences between the Western and Asian cultures are so vast and so, so, so different I think most people (even ME) have pretty much steered away from one another while mingling together over here.

But the motion of humanity is smarter than that. The internal drive I have, lets call it gut, primal instinct....or let's compare it to the way grass still eventually grows through pavement or budding after a massive forest fire, or sea turtles find their way in the dark of night to their mothers somewhere in the vast, black foreign ocean....intuition, nature and our soul's drive toward the light; FIND A WAY. Lately (like, this past week), I have met a bi-lingual Japanese Reiki practitioner and healer, just by accident (turns out they are way harder to find here in Japan than in the US these days). And my husband (like, this past week) met a man, who is in town from Hawaii for work within my husband's field, who he escorted for 2 days. Within these two days he found out that this man is good friends with the famous authors (who are brothers) and doctors who wrote the book The Okinawa Program.

I have so much more exciting news and pearls of wisdom to share with you about the eternal process of being in a great state of learning and living at our optimal best, but I will leave you with this quote from my Okinawa Program Book book to sum up what more future posting on this matter will cover. This excerpt represents and summarizes EVERYTHING magical that I am currently addressing and working on from weight loss, to anger management, to finding HUGE amounts of happiness, success and peace, to children's behavioral issues and parenting, to money struggles and more, the secret to life:

Isha-hanbun, Yuta-hanbun.
One should rely half on the doctor and half on the shaman.
Okinawan saying
In Okinawa we often hear the expression "Isha-hanbun, Yuta-hanbun." It literally translates to "half doctor, half shaman," and is commonly used to refer to the necessity of consulting both a shaman (yuta) and a modern physician (isha) in order to fully comprehend an affliction. Many Okinawans believe that while the medical doctor, with his powerful repertoire of modern drugs and technology, is essential for the treatment of physical symptoms, the shaman is also needed to address the spiritual imbalance that is often the root cause of illness.'

The Okinawa Program
features the 4-week turnaround plan
by, Bradly J. Willcox, M.D., D. Craig Willcox, Ph.D. & Makoto Suzuki, M.D.
FOREWARD BY Andrew Weil, M.D.

Stayed tuned y'all, life is unfolding within all it's glory, we just need not miss it and pay close attention!
Peace, Love and Kismet,

Sunday, May 9, 2010

rebecca's FINE design

I am getting ready to scan a bunch of work.
Getting back in the swing of creating art.
I am so excited about some current commissioned fine art work that is happening now.
So pleased to be enjoying this on-the-side business of mine.
I created a new facebook page to serve as a virtual portfolio.
Please stop by often and see what new pieces are splashing out of my paint brush and into the world!