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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Army Wives Unite!!!!

Hey Y'all!
I am so excited!!! I am dedicating today's entire blog entry to Army wives!!!!!!! I am just breaking into the cyber-world trying to reach out to as many people as possible. Since we discovered we are moving to the island of Okinawa, Japan, I guess I have felt a little foreshadowing of isolation. I would like to stay in touch with as many family members, friends and loved ones as I possibly can through my little laptop for this reason. I am excited to report that through the internet I have found a lot of Army wife web sites to join and groups to be a part of. Please come back and refer to this blog and look for listings of awesome Mom/Military wife web sites and groups.

I never wanted to leave my (second) home of Savannah, GA. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to Savannah for college and NEVER LEFT for almost 12 years. I did travel around for work and relationships but always ended up back in my home of good old Geeee-orgia. Anyone who knows me knows I beat this subject to death. But when I was about 26 I decided I would spend the rest of my life setting down roots there and I love, love, loved the idea of that. I really hate moving and I love painting walls in my home and making my space my sanctuary. I love involving myself in a community and knowing people and locals.


I fell in love with an Army guy. Yup.

All these things I love......have to now be thrown out the window and burned in the street. No more roots. No more wall paint. No more Savannah. BUT..........hello Okinawa!!!!! I am so excited about our move to Japan!!! And it has spawned this blog, my Facebook and Twitter memberships and has connected me with so many people, old friends from Ohio and everything!!!!

But my main goal is to reach out and connect with as many Army wives as possible! So follow me, contact me, chat with me! There is strength in numbers ladies and I fully intend on being strong. I want ideas and love and I share ideas and love. It has been hard for me and my baby to be alone a lot, but also hard for my husband to be away from us and working so hard his entire last year of training.

My goals are the same, community, love, roots. Now I just have to find them in a global way, and how cool is that!!!???

I guess I will just keep painting my wood furniture instead of my walls, so as to keep things fun.

LOVE TO YOU ALL OUT THERE!!!!! Stay strong! You are not alone.
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Follow my travels ye loved ones

I used to be on the Savannah College of Art and Design's Crew/Rowing team. We traveled every single weekend (almost) During the Fall and the Spring. I loved it. We hopped in the bus, drove all over the eastern US and rowed and sweat and ate rather poorly and communed with nature in the most beautiful way: on the water.

So I love to travel. I love to travel even if it is not as sexy as the travel channel beaches, snobby resorts or living like Anthony Bourdain (who happens to be my favorite in every way). Travel gets you out there amongst the people....I am talking to you, you couch potatoes and stay-at-home-Moms. It is easy to be inside a lot. Even in your hometown where you might work, get out and be "involved." You never really meet new people until you get yourself out of your comfort zone for five minutes and hit the ever lovin' road. She is my best classroom, where I learn the most.

I just recently went to my favorite place of all time thus far for Becca's life....Savannah, GA and Tybee Island. It was the husband's and my anniversary. It was also the weekend of a lovely baby shower of an old friend in the Landings. I had never been to the Landings. It was lovely! I expected it to be a community of cold, over priced, obnoxious in size and new looking houses amongst a golf terrain. It was the opposite. The homes were all different and slightly aged. I loved it. The views were amazing and so were the cake and hors d'oeuvres. I learned my lesson yet again: DO NOT JUDGE, especially before you see something.

We had a lovely dinner out for our anniversary in downtown Savannah and we saw a slew of good, very good, old friends from home. It does not feel like it has already been a year of marriage. I thought that was a good thing, then I remembered that we have actually spent over half of it apart. Thank you Uncle Sam.

I definitely burnt the candle at both ends. Chad and I finally realize that we do not have what it takes to hit the town and wake up with the baby at 7:30 am. And we like it this way. But I had to embrace the Jimmy Buffet vibe while on Tybee Island and I loved it. I did this also knowing my Tybee days and visits are numbered before we head over to a new ocean place, Okinawa. So I said the beginnings of my goodbyes to old Tybee Island.

Then my last day in Slowvannah was reserved for visit time with one of my very best friend's: Jessica Hedrick. What a lovely lady. We dined for a lunch with fellow/former Yoga instructor of mine (and also good friend), Christine. She is married to a Vietnamese man, he is equally a lovely person, full of sunshine. So we chose an amazing location to feast called Saigon Flavors Restaurant. This, my friends, is what you set roots down in a city for. I never knew this place existed and it took this long for me to have a good suggestion of an obscure place with incredible food. We had a truly authentic experience and the food was lovingly prepared, healthy and inspiring. We started with steamed garden wraps with shrimp as well as sticky rice wrapped in lotus leaves. And that is just how we started! The meals were all spiritual in front of us as we got served our main courses and the Jasmine tea finished off the flavors. Thank you Christine for such an excellent guide through culture and food! This meal gave birth to some amazing conversation and valuable knowledge passed between respected friends, no, sisters, more like. Though our loud laughter at the bars with old chums was enough to keep one's soul smiling for some time, this meal and conversation I'd had will embrace me for years, I am quite sure.

Saigon Flavors Restaurant Siagon Inc - 6604 Waters Ave, Savannah - (912) 352-4182

So now I am home and back to my old routines in a quiet apartment with the 1.5 year old, where I know not a soul. And even though I dearly miss my Savannah city by the marshes, I am glad to be home in Augusta. The sun happens to be brighter here (for the first time ever, I am sure)! I left cold rain down there in the low country! Odd, but I was quite ready to be home again. And so I made my semi-regular breakfast of eggs over easy, low carb toast and half caf coffee from the french press, as the baby played on Sesame Street. And I felt better than I had felt all weekend.

Agian, thank you Savannah for once more bringing a circus of newness to my vision. Thank you good friends and fun times. Thank you Saigon Flavors and new food! I learned about reminders in judgement, my limits, surprising weather patterns and finding love with wherever you live, quite unexpectedly.

Namaste y'all