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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Best Company in The World!

Please visit me at:

It is my new link to our Life Force International business. My business partner, David Mclaughlin, is the one speaking on the home page video. (Be patient it takes a minute to load :)

If you know me, you know HOW MUCH I LOVE the health and wellness products of Life Force. Been in business with them since 2007. And I have been an adoring consumer of the liquid nutrition products since 2001. I love my life and vitality while consuming these liquid whole foods and I love working with the company to boot.

If you are interested in feeling amazing and at your maximum potential or wish to earn more money in an honest, no-pressure way, check out: and surf and learn about the products. The main product the company sells is called Body Balance. This is the BEST STUFF ON EARTH!!! Please take a look at the information of my associates covering the products and the stability and quality of the business here:

I have to shout it out to the entire world how great I feel to be back in business (since our big, international move)!!! I love Life Force International!
Health and wellness to all!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Juicing! -It 'aint no biggy!

Juicing can be easy, enjoyable and far less energy than you think. And what do you get from it? MORE energy!! So the energy you might have not wanted to put forth, when you have thought of juicing in the past....let that go. If you consume fresh juice made by you, you will have an inner and outer glow that no other food or Yoga can create. Don't get me wrong, I love food and I certainly love Yoga, but....I found an exciting shift in wellness when I was lucky enough to have a sister who rocks that much to buy me a juicer as a 30th birthday gift. Go Lisa, you have just changed and lengthened your sister's life.

So Lisa, my oh so wise big sis, had seen Doctor Oz talking about nutrients and juicing on his or Oprah's show a while back. He talked about juicing and talked about all the juicers in the world. He went through them all and suggested the best one for the lowest price. And that was the one Lisa gave me for my birthday. It is a Hamilton Beach brand, called the Big Mouth Juice Extractor and it retails from $40-60.00 depending on where you buy it and the size you get. I love it. Also I have heard big things about a product called the Vitamix 5200 which runs about $500.00. So you can spend what you want. My Hamilton Beach juicer is amazing though, if you are looking to just get started with juices, it is a great, great, GREAT buy!!

I will attach a couple recipes in near future blogs but I am telling you, it is so simple. You do not need a book full of different recipes. Just remember a few simple things:
-As far as fruits and veggies, just buy what is in season, or whatever looks good that day.
-Get as many leafy greens as you can into your bod, such as spinach or kale. (The greener and fluffier the plant, the better) One way to test out good juicing greens is to take a little bite of the leaf and see how bitter it tastes, the more bitter, the yuckier in juice. But kale is like the best thing ever for you so find it and consume it! Stuff a TON of greens into each juice you make.
-Oranges and kiwi are ESSENTIAL to making good juice, they totally cover up the sometimes bitter veggie taste, so you don't feel like you are just drinking a spring salad. Drinking a fresh squeezed/juiced orange is SO, SO, SO much better for you than chugging the OJ you buy off the additives!
-Try and find whole aloe leaves or aloe juice (usually health food stores sell this, sometimes you have to ask around but it is there!). This stuff is magic for your insides, fights sickness, helps digestion and gives you pep in your step.
-I usually buy (for my juicing):
-whole carrots (never, ever buy baby carrots)
-kale, spinach
-berries (all kinds, for antioxidants)
There are so many recipes out there, but this is how I get my good iron and vitamins most often. I usually put 2-5 ingredients per juice (mostly veg) and like I said, add half an orange or a kiwi and they totally override any harsh veggie tastes. Promise! You can drink the mixtures right away and store the remains in the fridge and in an air tight container. Remember to drink each juice you make within 48 hours for the enzymes to stay fresh and good. You can even make soups and almond and rice milks with these juicers! I am attaching pics below of how I fillet the fresh aloe leaves and then chop to put in the juicer. But my juicer has you barely even cutting! You only have to make sure the veggies and fruits are clean and maybe cut in half the larger items and then, just toss um in, stem and all! Seriously, you do not even need to skin the kiwi! The brown part is an excellent source of fiber. This is the point of an extractor, they extract the stuff you don't need! AND the pulpy stuff that is extracted/the left overs can be used very well in compost, if you do composting at your home. So here is a cheers to your glowing health, vitality and detoxifying!!!!! YAY! Feel free to message me with questions!
Skinned aloe leaf.
This is my buddy doin' his thang.
Kale, the wonder god of veg.
Always gotta stir the juice often before consuming.
The goodness of aloe.
One leaf will last you FOREVER and this is how I store it in my fridgidare.